We welcome our 2020-2021

PTA Board Members:

  • Holly Coleman, President
  • Megan Peters and Lindsey Welsch, President-Elect
  • Missy Cowley, Treasurer
  • Secretary, Jessica Kelly
  • Stephanie Cook, Vice President - Membership
  • Deana Greengo, Vice President - Ways and Means
  • Ways and Means - Elect
  • Michelle Dicus, Vice President - Community Service
  • Krista Bradley, Vice President - Cultural Services
  • Christine Arnette and Brandie Zschietzschmann, Vice Presidents - Hospitality
  • Sharon Jansen, Vice President - Communications

Join the PTA Facebook group to receive information, stay connected to the Rosehill community, and learn about fun activities!  You do not have to be a PTA member to join the group.  Please be sure to answer the qualifying questions so you can be accepted into the group.  The group can be found at the following link:

If you have any questions or would like to get involved with the PTA, please reach out to




Click here for the Teacher Appreciation video and

Click here for the Volunteer Appreciation video. 


Next PTA Meeting:  Join us for our next PTA Meeting in September.  More info to come.


If you are interested in helping Rosehill thrive, consider joining the PTA Board.  We are still looking for nominees for  Ways & Means-Elect.   Contact Holly Coleman at  for more information.